Canine Registration Form

As the owner of the below-named pet, I hereby represent that my dog is:

  • Gentle, well-mannered, and unobtrusive in nature, with no history of vicious, dangerous, or aggressive behavior
  • At least one-year-old, house-broken, and is up to date with rabies vaccinations.
  • Does not exceed 75 pounds I accept full responsibility for my dog.

I will clean up after my dog in the hotel premises. I will ensure that no more than two dogs are housed in one room. While at Hotel Ursa, I will keep my dog either in my room or within designated public areas and will keep my dog on a leash outside of the room. I agree that I will remove my dog from my room during housekeeping services. If my dog cannot be removed during this time, I agree to decline service and will display the “do not disturb” sign on my room door. I agree to not leave my dog unattended in the room.

I hereby waive, release, acquit and forever discharge Hotel Ursa (including its affiliates, owners, employees, agents, officers, and representatives, hereinafter Hotel Ursa), and agree to indemnify Hotel Ursa from any liability, claims, demands, causes of actions, judgment, losses, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) for personal injury or property damage caused by my dog, and agree to make reimbursement for such damages on demand.

I agree to remove my dog and place it in a local kennel, at my expense, if my dog is disruptive to other guests (such as uncontrolled barking) or acts aggressively towards other guests or staff. I acknowledge that the hotel will charge my credit card of the value of $50 per stay as a pet fee.